A Common Name With Uncommon Results

I had begun my search for my birth parents nearly 25 yrs ago but beyond sending in a release form was not able to make any progress. In 2010 I began a more diligent search by actually hiring an individual to help. That search yielded a successful reunion with my birth father in 2011. However, because of the commonness of my birth mom’s name that investigator didn’t even attempt it. I tried on my own to find her since then but other than finding her picture in a high school year book I couldn’t find anything, or went down wrong trails. When my daughter had an Ancestry DNA test my desire was peaked. I tried checking with an organization that did searches but they wanted $900 to find her and I wasn’t ready to pay that.

I contacted your team and within three days of receiving my information Joel had found my birth mother. It took several more days to ensure all the links were there. We had non-identifying information I could compare against the other relatives and everything matched. In another week we were confident we had found her and her brother. Unfortunately, my birth mom died over forty years ago but I did have a successful reunion with her brother.

An unanticipated benefit Joel provided was a family tree for both my birth parents that goes back two hundred and fifty years! I was blown away. I couldn’t believe how fast Joel was finding connections. My prior searcher in 2011 left me high and dry and just abandoned contact, but Joel was there every step of the way, answered my questions and did all the heavy lifting in the background. He and his colleagues are phenomenal. I couldn’t be happier with the results from Joel and his team.

~ Thanks Joel, Dave T.

Adoptee Finds Father

Your services are amazing. I was interviewing a lady for a job that had thought that her mother was dead and she somehow found your organization and they located her mother that was very much alive. It took me a few weeks after I interviewed her to make a move. It stayed on my mind the entire time so I finally decided "What could it hurt"? After all I had been looking for my biological father for years. Twenty nine years to be exact, so why not? I had even contacted The Locator but they never contacted me back. I was desperate. So I got in touch with your team and they told me that they usually want you to get your DNA tested to make sure that you are serious about this.

The first time I contacted your group on May 25, 2016. and I didn't make another move until Sept. 15, 2016. As you can see I waited again. I didn't want to be let down again with no results besides "what could they do that I couldn't do"? So I received my results on Oct. 23, 2016 and the first thing I did was email Joel . I gave full access to Joel and he called me and said that this was the 2nd time that this has happened to get DNA results and to have relatives this close. He stated that this process shouldn't take long. So I didn't just sit there and wait I took the names that I had and started looking too. So the next time I looked at my family tree (which was every few seconds) I had names in place. So I decided to go to bed and try not to be so anxious (with no luck). The next morning I got up and had even more names I was so gitty inside that I couldn't stop. By Monday evening I had an entire family tree and started talking to my biological fathers family. By Tuesday evening I had a whole new family, cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers. It was the craziest thing that has ever happened and even though I am still very nervous and anxious but so amazed that it only took Joel three days to find what I have been looking for 29 years. So because of me finding my family one of my 'new' family members is looking for his brother So I will always be grateful for the help and will recommend your group to everyone that has a lost or missing family member. A special thank you to Joel you are the greatest. I never could have found my other family without you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

~Sincerely, Teresa Stricklen

Birth family found

I just want to thank Joel Chambers for helping me discover my biological family. I can honestly say that without your help and expertise I don't think I would have gained all the knowledge and made all the connections of my families past.

Not only do I now have peace of mind knowing where I came from but I have also discovered a brother and sister I never knew I had that I look forward to contacting. Thank you again for helping track down my roots.

~Joseph Gentile

Skeptical, now elated

To be brutally honest, I had my doubts. It had been many years of searching alone only to hit one dead end after another. So I rolled the dice and took a chance with the team at DNA cold cases and was pleasantly surprised how fast they got back to me with actual solid leads. Before I struggled understanding how to interpret my AncestryDNA results, but they got me back on track within the first five hours of my search to find my biological roots to birth family.

~Anonymous, elated adoptee

Links to the past

The folks at DNA cold cases helped us to connect with my paternal grandfather’s unknown past. There just was no documentation to substantiate his parents identities; as he had left home at an early age to strike it out on his own. Through a process they used to identify the cousins on my maternal side of the family, they were able to narrow the biological cousins on our DNA results to the paternal side of the family. Within ten hours of research we had solid leads going past the brick wall our family had been unable to uncover on our own. Some friends had recommended this group and we are glad to have taken the leap of faith to engage their team!

~Sincerely, Jamie and Family