starting your search

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Once we identify your needs through an assessment, we will ask you to purchase a case type and fill out a form providing a more robust description of the details you might already know through time spent on your search thus far. Your initial purchase includes five hours of research time. We interpret your DNA results, identify the unknown individual’s most recent common ancestors and start a family tree. If you feel you have obtained sufficient information at the end of this start, you can choose to stop here.

Law Enforcement - Pro-Bono - Note that we are currently offering free genetic genealogical research on all our work with law enforcement. This will not be available indefinitely, so we strongly encourage those interested in that service to act fast while this offer lasts.

Investigative genealogy
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Birth family search
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Filling in gaps
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purchasing additional research time

Based on the results of your initial five hours or research, you may decide to dig deeper into the background of the identified persons of interest. You may simply need additional research hours if we have not reached an identification yet. Your choice will be based on your budget and goals. We will respect your decision and will never try to “sell” you on using more time for any search.

Choose from the following blocks of time and reduce the cost per/hour by choosing a block with a higher amount of hours. Just click on the link below to make your choice.

Please feel free to contact us if you need clarification or have any questions before submitting your information. All submissions are kept in the strictest of confidence within the limits of the law, as privacy is a major concern for all our clients.