legal considerations

We at DNA Cold Cases recognize that Law Enforcement faces the unique challenge of completing investigations within the confines of policy, procedure, and the law.

DNA Cold Cases retains Law Enforcement consultants to ensure our Services are up to the standard of Law Enforcement investigations.

DNA Cold Cases will build the genealogical family tree from the raw DNA data, ONLY. DNA Cold Cases does not need names, birth dates, victim’s information, crime scene information, potential suspects, etc. This information should remain in the custody of the investigating agency and is unnecessary to perform our Services.

Our Services are founded on the following policies

information Security and Disclosures

The disclosure of any information regarding a particular case is strictly prohibited without the express written approval of the law enforcement client who submitted the sample. Disclosures include any discussions about cases outside the regular operation of DNA Cold Cases LLC.; posting of information on websites; sharing information with friends and family, etc.

This policy also specifically includes prohibiting any disclosures a DNA Cold Cases employee might make to anyone involved in a particular investigation. Safeguards, such as compartmentalizing cases on need-to-know basis only, and securing case information in locked cabinets, have been implemented to limit the spread of information. 

Finally, robust non-disclosure agreements are available.

media disclosure

Our Media policy strictly prohibits employees from making any media comments or answering media inquiries. All media requests received by DNA Cold Cases will be immediately referred to the Law Enforcement client who submitted the sample, without comment.

It is our absolute goal for our Law enforcement clients to understand that DNA Cold Cases will not share any information regarding any case without the express approval of the agency having jurisdiction.* 

*After a case has been completed, we will ask if our clients will give us approval to mention our participation in the case, but will not do so without express approval.

Case management

The genealogists at DNA Cold Cases will process cases following a set procedure. This procedure is established in accordance with accepted genealogical methods and the considerable experience of the genealogists.

In the event of a subpoena, DNA Cold Cases will provide any necessary information to validate its methods to the satisfaction of the court.

Additionally, should DNA Cold Cases ever be subpoenaed on how the case information is derived and the research conducted, this policy will serve as a ‘roadmap’ of sorts to show that DNA Cold Cases follows a standard procedure for every law enforcement-based case.

Note: this is not meant to be interpreted as a guaranteed defense in a legal matter; merely as a means of establishing a clear understanding for law enforcement officers in the operations of DNA Cold Cases.

DNA Cold Cases also strictly adheres to our policy on data management. Cases will remain separated during investigation, and every step will be taken to ensure case integrity. Case information will also be secured when not in use, and data backups are in place in the event of data corruption.

DNA Cold Cases is committed to ensuring every possible step is taken to avoid the loss or contamination of any DNA data.

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