Quality assured standards


We work with DNA Solutions, an FBI QAS accredited forensic testing laboratory (click here for scope), to perform forensic analysis to the highest level, so your results can be used in a court of law.

DNA Solutions is also accredited to the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) standard for relationship testing (click here for scope). The American Association of Blood Banks has set the standards laboratories must follow to offer accredited legal relationship testing. DNA Solutions follows these standards to assure your test will be admissible in court and accepted by other government agencies.

Genetic Genealogy

Solve your cold case by working with DNA Cold Cases and their expert genealogists in conjunction with DNA Solutions expert laboratory services.

SNP chip analysis data uploads into GEDmatch for familial services and family tree construction to identify Jane and John Doe remains or identify the source of DNA from a crime scene. DNA Solutions laboratory works with federal law enforcement agencies including the FBI and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, local law enforcement, forensic genealogists, and private investigators.

DNA amounts needed for Genetic Genealogy

The manufacturer recommended input for the chip is 200ng, this is obviously hardly ever going to happen for forensic samples! DNA Solutions have titrated a pristine sample down to 0.5ng and still got call rates around 90%. For actual evidence samples experience has so far seen anything from 20ng and above should have no problem, at 10ng 90% seem to work well (over 75% call rate), but by the time you get to 1ng only 10% are working that well. Mixed samples need to be less than 10% minor contributor ideally. A full explanation can be provided when forensic evidence is going to be sent in for testing.

Sending a sample for Genetic Genealogy is easy!

  • Work with DNA Cold Cases to submit a new case from the specific case types; either law enforcement, birth family search or family tree gaps.

  • Then working directly with DNA Solutions submit a DNA extract or evidence using their sample submission form and chain of custody.

  • Receive results within 30-60 days.

  • DNA Solutions uses validated forensic lab equipment for sample processing and runs DNA using an Illumina iScan to extract SNP data.

  • Results are provided as a data table and include 850,000 SNPs. DNA Cold Cases then uploads this information into GEDmatch and is analyzed by their genetic genealogists to determine familial matches.

    (GEDmatch is a public database that any registered user can access.)