family tree gaps

At some point, every family historian encounters a barrier in their genealogy research. In genealogy, these barriers are known as brick walls and they can often appear impossible to work around. When you have exhausted all the obvious possibilities, we can help you consider alternatives available to specialists in the field.

We navigate beyond genealogical brick walls encountered in traditional search, by working with you and your autosomal DNA test results. DNA helps us substantiate a direction beyond what rumors and documentation has limited your search until now. While some genealogists might have closed the book, unable to find more evidence to substantiate a direction to go in, our genetic genealogists can often reveal new paths never considered before.

Your search begins where you may have left off after years on your own, or you may be starting from the very beginning. We will help guide you on the next best steps to take based upon your current situation and circumstances. Sometimes that means retracing steps you thought you covered. Sometimes we advise you to seek out recommended DNA companies to find genetically linked cousins or close relatives.

While everyone shares a number of cousins that appear in their DNA test results, interpreting how these people fit into a genealogical family tree still remains a unique skillset missing in most modern identification practices. These skills are especially critical when working to bridge gaps in knowledge.

We can help you build out those familial connections and further validate your family tree with the science of autosomal DNA testing triangulation. This involves reverse engineering the identity of a person of interest by the placement of their cousins who appear around them in a genealogical family tree.


rumors & reality

Sometimes there does not seem to be a way to prove or disprove family rumors. No matter how many years have gone by, there always seems to be something people will attribute to their family history, even if that means not having any proof to back it up. Solving one mystery often reveals something completely unknown about one’s family. Genealogical dead ends sometimes lead the way into previously undiscovered information.


Lost documents

Most brick walls form because of a lack of documentation. However, on rare occasions, we turn up new information by following a direction no one before you had even thought to look. We sometimes dig up significant gems in the most unlikely places.


back through the generations

There are no guarantees with genealogy. However, we will guarantee to put our best effort into each search to evolve your DNA material to provide our best accumulated direction the evidence suggests. Under the best of circumstances an autosomal DNA test can produce as many as five generations of potential familial relatives who can be explored through genealogical search.

Many people are satisfied with two to three generations of family. You have the option to go back farther – up to five generations -- if that makes sense to you and meets your goals.


Are You Ready To Begin Your Own Search?

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