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We believe that everyone deserves to know where they started and who their biological ancestors were. No experience compares to discovering a story you never thought possible. Each individual has a unique beginning and understanding that truth can be an awe-inspiring turn of events in one’s life.


We have helped hundreds of adoptees search and identify their birth family members.

 Using this experience, our expert genealogists can recommend the best way to get results, including first hand advice about resources available online to the adoptee.

Walking this path alone can be intimidating as well as time-consuming. Rekindling hope and bringing clarity to a search for biological family is not a skill most adoptees ever imagined performing.  It requires patience, zeal, and a willingness to learn about new technology and search techniques that can widen the possibility of substantiating the most likely location of biological related family.

Our genealogists are skilled at finding adoptee's birth family through both traditional search and genetic genealogy. For many of our clients, the search has been a lonely one, leading from one dead end to the next.

Help us help you on the next chapter yin your journey. Our service is here for adoptees, orphans and others separated by generations to finally unseal the truth. Almost always we are able to help our clients put an end to years of wondering where they started and just what nature has contributed to them biologically.


After your search…

Not every search culminates in a reunion with birth relatives. We can discuss in greater detail just what kinds of outcomes we have encountered and how we would recommend you proceed with eyes open. We will support you and help you identify resources such as counselors who specialize in adoptee experiences.


Are you ready to begin your own search?

Complete the complimentary 30-minute assessment session form, so we can jointly plan the next steps in your search. We will not try to sell you on a solution. We will recommend alternatives and sometimes determine that we are not the best resource for you, given your objectives and situation.


initiate your search after your assessment

At this step we encourage you to pick your case type and provide details of your search that will help us to begin your case using investigative genetic genealogy. Please follow this link to start that process.