4 Benefits of Knowing Your Biological Family Connections

Are you adopted or just want to know more about a biological parent that is not in your life? Do you wonder about your birth family? Well, there are very real benefits to knowing those that you’re biologically connected to. Here are some positive aspects of finding birth family members.

Having More Insight to Your Genetic Background- Medically speaking, it’s important to have information on your genetic background. You can learn if you’re more susceptible or at-risk for certain conditions. You can also learn where you got your blue eyes or dimples from or other physical characteristics that you’re curious about.

Knowing More About Your Identity- We all know about the nature vs. nurture debate. When you don’t have the nature part of that information, you may be left questioning what parts of your character and personality come from those biological connections you don’t know. Are you musically-inclined because your adoptive parents started you in piano at a young age? Or is it because your biological mother loves to sing? What about art, athletics, and your hobbies? Learning more about your biological connections can help you reflect on how much of you is from your upbringing versus how much is may have been passed down to you in some way.

Curiosity and Personal Closure- Throughout your life, you may have been left questioning about the identity of your birth family. This may have led to feelings of curiosity or perhaps frustration. Finding your biological family connections may be something you’ve always considered, or it may be essential for you to find personal closure. Whatever the reason, finding those biological connects could offer relief, fulfillment, or otherwise be an important part of your personal life journey.

Leading to Other Connections That May Be Searching for You- Perhaps you also have siblings, or cousins you don’t know, and they are equally curious about you. Making connections with your biological family can be a mutually positive experience with those you find throughout the process. Life is full of surprises, and you don’t know where this journey to find your birth family could take you. You could have family around the corner from you or perhaps in places you never thought! Learning the story of your birth family and being able to speak to them could be a very special experience.

There are many reasons that adopted people chose to find their birth family. No matter the reason you start your search for biological family connections, DNA Cold Cases can help you!