You know that person exists, but you don’t know who they are. You might be…

  • A law enforcement officer trying to identify a person of interest

  • Trying to fill the gap in your family tree and hitting a wall when you keep looking

  • An adoptee seeking a reliable, ethical way to track down your birth parents

What We Do


Most of these searches rely on DNA tests in laboratories or a most recent common ancestor (MRCA) from ancestry databases.

We combine BOTH methods for a faster, more reliable search. DNA testing requires finding people who could be logical matches. MRCA gives genetic genealogists a point to narrow down, generation by generation, people who are most likely to match with the DNA samples. Our experts have used this combined methodology hundreds of times to discover persons of interest to law enforcement, biological relatives, and missing links to the past that would otherwise never be discovered.


Three Areas of Focus

Most searches fit into one of these categories. If you require a different type of search, click here and we’ll explore options with you.


Law Enforcement

Helping law enforcement officials solve criminal cases and identify persons of interest.

Birth Family Searches

Supporting adult adoptees seeking to learn the truth about their birth families, to obtain necessary medical records and achieve personal closure.

Family Tree Gaps

Helping families gain a sense of personal history by locating distant (and sometimes unknown) branches of the family tree.